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The success of the company is driven by the level of their team. Proper development of employees is directly related to the company development. The system of HR management should be consistent and transparent as well as fully understandable for all members of organisation. Only in this way it will strongly motivate the employees to take on real efforts to achieve the targets set upon them by organisation.

For our clients we prepare and run

Open and closed trainings

HR audit

Employees evaluation system

Job descriptions


Development Centre

Manager’s Academy

Career coaching

Involvement analysis

360 evaluation

Exemplary solutions for companies


Development and Assessment Centre

What is the real potential of employees? Who has hidden talents? Who would be a good manager? How to further develop employees? Who will be suitable for the job?

Answers to these questions may be given after participation in Development Centre (DC) which main objective is development and competencies evaluation. If the company faces decision of employing particular persons, we may perform Assessment Centre (AC) which is focused on selection the most suitable candidates for the position.

AC/DC is specially designed process when participants perform various tasks, games, simulations, exercises, tests and are simultaneously observed by the assessors. The objective is to grasp competencies disclosed by participant. AC/DC is designed each time bearing in mind the following: Client’s objective, number and type of analysed competencies. Out of all methods of competencies evaluation, AC/DC is considered to have the highest level of accuracy.

Manager’s Academy

Strong, competent team of managers if the foundation of each company and one of the most important factors deciding about company’s development. This is why it is worth investing in the knowledge and skills of people managing the company and employees. The position of manager apart from the knowledge of industry also requires a set of well developed “soft”skills. Managers taking part in our Academy have a chance to acquire new skills, polish these that they already possess and realise some key areas of management that influence the work efficiency. Depending on the objective and needs of the company Academy may last between 6 and 12 training days. In the catalogue of topics that are discussed during the trainings more often are: Delegating and executing, management by objectives, conflict solving, communication with employees, motivating, situational leadership, evaluating and employee development. Academy is consisted of logically related training topics, which help the participants to arrive at the measurable results in the working environment.


Employee evaluation

Evaluating is indispensable element of each manager’s work. Everyone does this either on their own or utilising the consistent evaluation system in the company. We support the companies in designing and implementing employees evaluation system for them to be just, transparent and useful. We help to define the subject of evaluation, their criteria and also build good evaluation sheet and whole procedure.

One of most important phases of evaluation is the evaluation conversation with an employee. Such a conversation may be regrettable and frustrating for an employee but can be motivating at the saem time. We teach how to lead such a conversation in order for it to be part of the motivation system in the company and effective tool of manager’s job.

Open and closed trainings

The objective of our training is developing “smart” way of employees management. Smart means based on common sense and adjusted to the needs of a given company. We offer open trainings in the area of widely understood HR. During the trainings we transfer the knowledge on the theoretical findings, inform on the effects of research but first of all we teach how to adapt theory to practice. We suggest what from theory or research passes through every day tests and what is only an academic consideration. Open trainings are organised in cyclical periods and everyone interested in the topic is welcome regardless of place of employment.

Closed trainings are dedicated to the needs of concrete company, focusing on practical aspects of managing employees, improving the behaviours and skills, enhancing the awareness. They are individually designed with previous needs analysis.


HR trainings

We offer trainings in open formula (description of forthcoming trainings below) as well closed, which are often connected to the advisory process of introducing and developing HR processes.

Trainings are mainly dedicated to:

HR department employees

Employees who are responsible for realising one or multiple HR processes


Development oriented companies

Our mission is for the trainings to be not only a source of knowledge and skills but also were maximally pragmatic and flexibly adjusted to actual needs.

Trainings schedule

Training title Date Short description
Warsztat budowania profili kompetencyjnych OPIS Więcej informacji wkrótce! Sztuka budowania efektywnych systemów wynagradzania i motywowania pracowników –  warsztat dla menedżerów.
Lean w HR OPIS Więcej informacji wkrótce! Jak wykorzystać narzędzia Lean w pracy działu HR.
Warsztat budowania arkusza oceny OPIS Więcej informacji wkrótce! W jaki sposób tworzyć i aktualizować efektywne narzędzia do oceny pracownika.
Ocenianie pracowników produkcyjnych OPIS Więcej informacji wkrótce! Narzędzia oceny kompetencji pracowników,  jak wybrać najlepsze i najefektywniejsze.
System coachingu i mentoringu w firmie OPIS  Więcej informacji wkrótce!  Zwiększenie wiedzy oraz świadomości skutecznego stosowania coachingu i mentoringu w doskonaleniu pracowników.
Zarządzanie szkoleniami  OPIS Więcej informacji wkrótce! Jak wybierać dobre szkolenia by przynosiły efekt.
Wartościowanie stanowisk pracy – studium przypadku Więcej informacji wkrótce! Trening trenerów wewnętrznych.
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